About Me

Two people can sit side by side and notice completely different things in their environment based on their attentional goals and previous experiences. The world around us is an ever-changing mosaic, imbued with dynamic information. So, too, are the people you meet! Everyone is different, each story is unique, and we all change with time.



I have finished my PhD and now work as a Data Analyst at the University of Guelph Library. I do statistical consultations with University of Guelph faculty, students, and staff. E-mail me for more information!



I am a University of Guelph alumna (PhD 2022, M.Sc. 2018: Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Science with a Collaborative Neuroscience option). I completed my theses in the Visual Cognitive Neuroscience Lab under the supervision of Dr. Naseem Al-Aidroos  (PhD: Attentional control setting representations and the memory systems that support them. M.Sc.: No role for activated long-term memory in attentional control settings). My PhD research focus was the interaction between attention and memory (including both visual working memory and long-term memory). During my PhD, I completed a practicum under the supervision of Dr. Morgan Barense at the University of Toronto, focused on reconsolidation and attentional control settings. My Master’s research focus was the interaction of attentional control settings and activated long-term memory. During my Master’s degree, I completed a practicum under the supervision of Dr. Chris Fiacconi at the University of Guelph, focused on the impact of context on attentional control settings.

I am a Wilfrid Laurier University alumna (B.A. Honours Psychology Research Specialist 2015, minors in Biology and French). I completed my thesis at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience under the supervision of Dr. Jeffery Jones (now called the Cognitive Neuroscience of Communication Lab). My Bachelor’s research focus was vocal motor control, singing, and musical context.

Pictured here: presenting my Master’s research at the Vision Sciences Society conference (St. Pete Beach, Florida, 2017) and presenting my undergraduate research at the Psychonomics conference (Boston, Massachusetts, 2016).